March 27, 2010

Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the one we miss. It was just another day, supposedly another normal day and I decide to go by bus instead. Went to the bus stop and before I could solve my confusion over which bus to catch, cupid struck me. Completely mesmerized at the first sight, it was hard to take my eyes off her, she was beautiful, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Suddenly light has her colour and fragrance all around, delighted with her presence I lost all counts. Now flying needs no science, forget even the red bull, its love that gives me wings. She left me unnoticed, floating in mid air, happiness all over, Oh! What a sight, I couldn’t have asked more. Going to office the next day was never so exciting, leaving bed in morning needs efforts no more, crisp dress, clean shave, gelled hair, nicest perfume and everything best I could. It was my day again; Mann mein ek laddo phuta; she took the same bus; Mann mein doosra laddo phuta; she de-board at the same stop. God was so accessible, all my prayers were heard and I saw her for next so many days. Everyday I collect all my strength to talk to her but even after 3 months of flying experience I couldn’t say a word. Time was passing fast, though a mute could have said it by now, but the lovely days never last. Finally, the day was defined; it was Saturday, dressed in bright accentuating youth, I went to her. I started to believe in God, he was on my side, gives me strength to speak up my mind. It wasn’t easy though, for a while I was lost in Gods leisure creation, it took me a while to come back to reaction, by this time we both knew, what we have for each other. We smiled, and though we didn’t say a word but the moment was worth a thousand. As the silence prevails on our defined ways, I could listen to her heart beat and felt complete. Life was so boring before I met her, now dawn comes in her colours, twilight with her eyes, moon was never so big, dreams were beautiful till the sky goes bright. Days together brought me to various flavors of life, sweetness of gulab jamun to tangy gol gappe, from icy cold kala khatta to hot chocolate fudge, from air conditioned shopping malls to dirt & sweaty roadside stalls, we had it all, moment by moment we lived on, she was my everything and I was “Mr. Favorite”. It was November 2009, she was mischievous as ever, elusive she tries to run, unnoticed from nowhere, it struck… she laid unconscious, numb I stood, silence eat up the surrounding, air seems choked. Emotionally dead I rushed, held her in my arms as the blood starts to pour. It was when God turns deaf, a moment was enough to sacrifice all, I cried for help and wish god had ears that day. She knew it was time, damage was already done, she opened her eyes for the one last time, she smiled and said “bye – bye favorite”, motionless she put herself to rest, lifeless everything stands, even the time at its end. It was the same spot where we had our first conversation and now the last. You can be mad at the way things went. You could swear, curse the fates, but when it comes to the end, you have to let it go. I let it go. Life has an unfair awakening, injustice was written, I lost her and she was no more…


Nahi, ya pata nahi!

March 11, 2010

I always thought that there are only two types of feelings in a dekho process (Dekho process: Boy meet girl along with parents over a cup of coffee/tea for marital alliance; Jargon courtesy: Ms. Priya Ahlawat). Well to be honest, I never thought I was made for arrange marriages, but here I am looking for my soul mate, through marriage portals, print add, brokers and what not! My folk’s priority is to get me hitched to the first girl on the list. And me, waiting for the last one and then choose the best of the lot. I should have learn beggars are not choosers the day I got CAMPUS PLACED in IDBI, but hello, it’s me! Coming back to the two types of feelings, first type is, NAHI!!!, right away it’s a NO, second type, you see a girl, meet her in person, talk to her alone for about an hour and another, and another, and still you have lot more to chat about, even though your parents have shared their own life time experiences, and of Obama, Osama & Raj Thackeray, spoken about 26/11 till 31/12 (the last date of the calendar) and when perfectly nothing is left to talk about, they choose to come up to you and say “beta bass, aur kitni baatein karoge”, but still you don’t know, that’s PATA NAHI !!! People say you get wiser with experiences but I was getting wisely confused. Making terms with my confusion, finally I decided, its time for me to commit to the next pata nahi girl and then, I met the THIRD kind! She was late, but thank god she came just in time to rescue me from the dichotomous philosophy. First time ever, I experienced no gravity, companionship; from seeing places to losing pillow fights to her, growing old was never a dream but now it seems a joyful experience, oh GOD! She was worth the patience! We spoke for an hour and another, and another, and then her brother interrupts; otherwise we would still be talking. It was a good conversation, but I guess the time has not yet come for me; I was the PATA NAHI boy:). So here I am again, searching the THIRD kind. Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!

Sunday morning :)

March 7, 2010

It’s been two complete days of restlessness, thanks to my own idea of giving the house a face lift (white wash). It leaves us (I and parents) with no option but to share the room and it’s my turn to sleep on the edge. But Sunday morning has something special to offer. It was early morning (9:00 am) and I was making terms with conscious, the day light forced my eyes to close by itself but then I notice a girl 2 ft tall, just about 1.5 yrs old, standing besides. Short hair, beautiful round innocent eyes and just a kajal which rightly magnifies the attention, wide two toothed smile, gold wire with black bead studded in each ear, red dots on white chiffon dress which ends just above her fragile knees, bare footed she stand in patience. As the time pass she approach with her hand forward, finding a place to be noticed, with little directional sense she landed her hand on my nose (still recall the tender fragrance of the baby soap) and as she was about to give me a wake up call in her disoriented words, the door bell rung and i came in terms with reality, there was nobody in the room except me lying disoriented on the edge of the bed. Smiling and confused I woke up and wish GOD, let’s trade happiness.

Hello world!

March 7, 2010

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